Leadership Camp for Young Women

Two Weeks Until Camp!

With only two weeks until our 2017 camp, the team here at NSVOW have been working very hard to ensure another successful run! In lieu of this, I though it would be nice to include some excerpts from previous campers about their experience with us:

“I am grateful to have learned about other people’s experience and start to explore the intersectionalities of the social justice issues discussed here.

This weekend has meant so much for me. It has helped me connect with peers and mentors. It has been inspiring and powerful.

It gave me a chance to learn from other women and connect with others who are doing activist work in Nova Scotia and share resources.

[This camp was] a window into the experiences that other women experience in their daily lives.

[This camp was] an excellent opportunity to make new friends and connections.

[This camp was] a beautiful space to connect with others around feminism and peace.

[This camp was] a chance to share perspectives, experience, and to learn from others.

[I will be] doing a lot of much-needed education of radicalized experience and intersectionality. ”


We are very excited to meet our new batch of campers in two weeks!!