Leadership Camp for Young Women

Description 2016

PeacemakeHers Leadership Camp for Young Women aims to educate and inspire those who identify as female to be local, regional and global leaders in peacemaking.

We are all about supporting young women to become leaders for peace:

  • practicing peace in their local communities,
  • promoting peaceful policy from their governments, and
  • working towards peace in our global society.

Peace means many things to many people and PeacemakeHers celebrates the diversity of voices striving for peace in our world.

The National and Nova Scotia Voice of Women for Peace communities know that

  • women are essential voices in the peacemaking process,
  • women must be included in decision-making at all levels of government,
  • feminist analysis is essential to process, and
  • collaboration and cooperation are key elements of process.

Building capacity within and across generations of women will empower creative solutions to problems in community, private and public sectors and society as a whole.

PeacemakeHers works in partnership with organizations and agencies which value women’s voices. We encourage potential partners to get in touch with us at to talk about how we can promote peace together.